Senco A20 (PC0781)
Palm Nailer

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A20 Palm Nailer by Senco 
PC0781 Senco Palm Nailer A20   Drives bulk nails 6d to 16d
Magnetic nail guide for faster and easier driving.
Leather grip reduces fatigue.
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This newest tool from Senco weighs less than three pounds and fits into the palm of the hand, making it ideal for joust hangers, metal straps, and pole barn assembly. The Senco A20 Palm Nailer eliminates the possibility of marred work surfaces that often result from errant hammer blows, because slight hand pressure is all that's needed to activate this tool. Includes Leather grip.

Drives bulk nails from 6d to 16d (to 70d with optional adapters)

Balanced 2.5 lb. weight 
Soft rubber palm pad for comfortable grip 
Magnetic nail guide for faster and easier driving 
Leather grip reduces fatigue 
One year warranty 

Height: 4.8125"
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Reg. Operating Pressure:
50-125 p.s.i.g.