Senco SCN48
Coil Nailer

SCN48 .082 Coil Nails
SCN48 .092 Coil Nails

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SCN56 Siding Nailer
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SCN45 Sheathing Nailer

SCN48 - Coil Sheathing Nailer by Senco 
   Drives 1" to 2" nails, .082- .092 shank size.
Tough reliable tool for box and crate assembly.

No longer available
The Senco SCN45 is one of the lightest coil nailers on the market @ 4.4 lbs. The high load capacity (375 nails) minimizes production interruption. Reloads in seconds with easy load swing out magazine canister top. Drive a broader range of fasteners with an adjustable-height tray which also allows quick change of nail lengths from 1" to 2".

A lightweight, multi purpose tool for boxes and crates, carton-to-skid, decking, fencing, packaging, pallets and subflooring.

Features and Benefits:
Adjustable depth of drive control for the precise countersink
Collation wire weld and plastic carrier strip
Aluminum mainbody lightweight 4.4 lbs. for ease of handling
Switchable triggering system either sequential or contact actuation
Easy-Load coil nailer canister reloads in seconds
High load capacity to minimize production interruption
No mar pad to protect work surface
One Year Warranty

Tool Specifications:
Weight: 4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg.)
Height: 12" (305 mm)
Length: 11.4" (290 mm) 
Nail Capacity: 200-400
Nail Collation: Wire weld and plastic carrier strip
Operating Pressure: 70-100 p.s.i.g.
Mode of Operation: Switchable triggering system

Fastener Specifications:
Leg Length: 1" - 2" smooth and ring-shank
Shank:  .082 - .092 (SC, SE, ED & EL)