Senco Angled Finish Nails

14 and 15 Gauge

Senco Angled 15 gauge true brad head finish nails fit Senco CF41, SN1, SFN1, SFN2, SFN30, SFN40, FinishPro 35, 41XP, 42XP, AF41, AccuSet A250FN, Craftsman 18432 Porter Cable DA250 DeWalt D51275K. 14g finish nails fit Senco SFN2B nailers.

Refer to tool operating instructions for acceptable fastener sizes.

FinishPro 35 SFN30 FinishPro 42
Senco Angled Finish Nails we stock
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Description Count Price
A301500Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 1-1/2", Bright Basic7007.95
A301750Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 1-3/4", Bright Basic7007.95
A301759Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 1-3/4", Galv7008.95
A302000Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 2", Bright Basic7007.95
A302009Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 2", Galv7008.95
A302500Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 2-1/2", Bright Basic7009.95
A302509Yes Finish Nail, 15Ga., .069, 2-1/2", Galv70011.95
DA13EPBNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1" Bright Basic, Sencote400021.87
DA15EABNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/4" Galv, Sencote400031.00
DA15EPBNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/4" Bright Basic, Sencote400020.82
DA17AIAYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/2", Galv., Heat Treat, Plain400044.28
DA17EABNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/2" Galv, Sencote400029.05
DA17EPBNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote400024.23
DA19EABNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 1-3/4" Galv, Sencote400044.57
DA21EABNYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 2" Galv, Sencote400034.34
DA25EABYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 2-1/2" Galv, Sencote300031.71
DA25EPBYes Finish Nail, 15 Ga., 2-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote300028.14
UA25EABYes Finish Nail, 14 Ga., 2-1/2" Galv, Sencote (For SFN2 B)310074.33
UA25EPBYes Finish Nail, 14 Ga., 2-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote (For SFN2 B)310049.41